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What is Recovery From Rhinoplasty Like?

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In my last post, I discussed how I determine whether or not patients have realistic expectations for rhinoplasty surgery. Below, I’ll delve into aspects of the recovery process for rhinoplasty, including what my staff and I do to facilitate healing.

Recovery from Rhinoplasty

Recovery from rhinoplasty will vary case by case, but for the most part, some bruising and swelling can typically be expected to occur and persist for a few weeks following surgery. However, there are particular techniques my staff and I employ both during and after surgery that can often help enhance the recovery process.

During surgery, I tend to perform a limited-touch technique with which I try to reduce how much trauma is sustained by tissues in the nose, therefore helping to decrease postoperative swelling and bruising. My team and I also give medications to patients before and after the procedure that can have the same effect.

Additionally, we start patients on a lymphatic massage program early into their recovery process. When swelling occurs, it’s basically an accumulation of lymph fluid, so by doing lymphatic massage – which is a light type of massage – it can help stimulate the lymphatic system in order to take swelling away sooner.

And finally, I have all rhinoplasty patients seen in my Med Spa with the concierge program. (Learn more about our unique concierge program by checking out one of my previous blog posts titled, “Our Comprehensive Approach to Plastic Surgery: Part III.”)

Regarding how long swelling will last, I typically tell my patients they can expect 80% of swelling to be gone by six weeks, but it will generally take one full year for the remaining 20% to go away. Unlike facelift surgery where the swelling is often gone in about four weeks, some rhinoplasty patients may still experience a little swelling at the tip of the nose that persists for up to a year.

In the end, however, I like to remind my patients that the results from rhinoplasty surgery are most often completely worth the wait.

Dr. Christopher Godek, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

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