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Upneeq in New Jersey

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Eyes Wide Open

Upneeq at The Godek Center for Personal Enhancement in New Jersey

Do your drooping eyelids make you look tired? Have you noticed your eyelids sagging as you age? At The Godek Center for Personal Enhancement of New Jersey, we are pleased to announce the addition of Upneeq, the only FDA-approved prescription eye drop to help lift your upper eyelids and open up your eyes. Many people are bothered by ptosis, or low-lying eyelids. Upneeq is a non-surgical way to correct this common condition and restore a more youthful, alert look to the eye area.

Revitalized Eyes

What is Upneeq?

How does Upneeq work?

Upneeq is a daily eye drop that can mitigate the symptoms of drooping, or ptosis, in the upper eyelids. Upneeq works by stimulating the Muller’s muscle above the eye, helping it contract and lift up.

Upneeq vs. Eyelid Surgery

Upneeq is not a substitute for eyelid surgery but can help alleviate the symptoms of drooping eyelids until you are ready to have surgery. Blepharoplasty, or droopy eyelid surgery, is a more permanent solution to this problem.

Upneeq at The Godek Center for Personal Enhancement

Our providers always put patients first. They will be with you every step of the way through your personal aesthetics journey. The Godek Center for Personal Enhancement is excited to offer this new non-surgical treatment option for patients experiencing eyelid ptosis.

Upneeq in New Jersey  Toms River

An Eye-Opening Experience

What can Upneeq do?

Upneeq is a daily eye drop that treats blepharoptosis, or sagging eyelids. It can lift the eyelid and make the eye more open. In addition to offering cosmetic benefits, with Upneeq New Jersey patients that visit us may improve their range of vision with more advanced ptosis. Upneeq can also be used to combat Botox-induced ptosis of the eyelids.

Lift Up Your Gaze

Upneeq Consultation

As with any procedure at our clinic, we will need to get your full medical history prior to prescribing Upneeq. We want to make sure there are no underlying medical conditions that need to be addressed that might be causing your eyelids to droop. Upneeq may affect blood pressure, so it is important for us to know if you are taking beta-blockers, anti-hypertensive medications, cardiac glycosides, or monoamine oxidase inhibitors.

Just One Drop Daily

Upneeq Preparation and Procedure

To prepare for your once-daily Upneeq drops, you should remove contacts from your eyes. Be careful not to touch the tip of the applicator to your eye or any other surface. Add one drop to each eye. If you wear contacts, wait 15 minutes after you place the drops in your eyes to reinsert the contacts.

Upneeq in New Jersey  Toms River

Long Lasting Results

Upneeq Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

At our practice in New Jersey Upneeq recovery time is fast. You can put any other eye drops or contacts in 15 minutes after using Upneeq. Upneeq works by stimulating an involuntary eye muscle, the Muller’s muscle, to contract. While not as dramatic as eyelid surgery, the results from using Upneeq can be cosmetically and functionally significant.

Maintaining your Upneeq results

If you have mild, moderate, or severe eyelid drooping, then Upneeq is a great alternative to eyelid surgery. The once-daily drop will decrease eyelid drooping by approximately one millimeter for approximately six hours.

Upneeq Frequently Asked Questions

If you wear contacts, you should remove them before applying Upneeq. You may put them back in after 15 minutes. You should also wait 15 minutes before applying any other eye drops to your eyes.

You should always check with a doctor before combining medications. However, it is generally safe to use Upneeq with other eye drops. Make sure to wait 15 minutes after using Upneeq before administering any other types of eye drops or putting in contact lenses

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