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Breast Reconstruction

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If you are planning on undergoing a mastectomy or lumpectomy, or if you have already had these procedures, you may benefit from breast reconstruction surgery. Our plastic surgeons can help you restore your natural curves using a variety of advanced breast reconstruction techniques available close to home, right here in New Jersey. We truly believe that breast reconstruction is an important component of breast cancer patient care and well-being. We understand that potentially losing a breast can have traumatic effects on a woman’s self-image, and we are committed to restoring your confidence. By creating natural-appearing reconstructed breasts, our doctors will not only help you complete your cancer journey, but will also empower and support you along the way.

Breast Reconstruction Procedures

There are several ways by which breast reconstruction can be performed. Our surgeons will spend time speaking with you about your desires, and together, we will form goals for your reconstruction. We perform both implant-based reconstruction and autologous “flap” reconstruction (the creation of breast mounds with your own body tissue). Please see below for more information on these topics.

I had my first breast augmentation 2 yrs ago and absolutely loved the result and my overall experience with both Dr Godek and his staff. In March of 2016 I was Dx. With Breast cancer and had both my breasts removed at the age of 48 in April, but not before consulting with a great Surgeon and Dr. Godek whom I think is the best plastic surgeon around, in July I had my first breast reconstruction surgery and Dec 19th my second….. I can not thank Dr. Godek and his staff enough for giving me back the confidence I thought I had lost to cancer…. I’m cancer free and have beautiful boobs again…. love you guys Cheryl Sidney December 28, 2016

Breast Reconstruction in New Jersey  Toms River

Implant-Based Reconstruction

At our practice in New Jersey Breast reconstruction can be performed in one or two stages and is based on your body and the size you would like your reconstructed breasts to be. One-stage “direct to implant” reconstruction is when the permanent implant is placed at the time of the mastectomy. You may be a good candidate for this technique if you have no breast ptosis (drooping or sagging) and are undergoing nipple-sparing mastectomies. Two-stage “staged” reconstruction is when temporary implants called tissue expanders are placed first. The tissue expanders are slowly inflated in the office until your desired breast size is reached. Then, in a shorter and smaller operation, the tissue expanders are exchanged for permanent breast implants.

Autologous “Flap”-Based Reconstruction

Autologous breast reconstruction involves creating the new breast mounds with your own living tissue – there is no need for an implant. This tissue is usually taken from your abdomen but may be taken from other places, such as your inner thighs. In a deep inferior epigastric perforator free flap (commonly known as a DIEP flap), the skin and fat from your lower abdomen is taken along with the artery and vein which keep it alive. Under a microscope, these blood vessels are attached to blood vessels in your chest. This microsurgical technique keeps the new breast mound feeling like soft living tissue.

Combination of Implant-Based and Autologous Reconstruction

In some cases, using your own living tissue supplemented by a small implant will create a desirable breast mound. This can be accomplished by using your latissimus dorsi (your “lats”) muscle from your back. This technique can be especially helpful if there is significant damage to your breast from radiation.

Breast Reconstruction in New Jersey  Toms River
Breast Reconstruction in New Jersey  Toms River

Nipple Reconstruction

Nipples may be created on your breast in a small procedure several months after your breast reconstruction. Nipple tattooing can be used to color the new nipple and areolar complex. Alternatively, 3D nipple tattooing can be used to create the appearance of a 3D nipple on your new breast in lieu of a nipple reconstructive procedure.

Meet the Surgeons and Breast Reconstruction Team

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