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Xact™ Facial Rejuvenation

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Xact Facial Rejuvenation
at The Godek Center for Personal Enhancement

As we age, our skin loses elasticity, and the delicate tissues of the midface, chin, and neck may begin to sag. A facelift can address moderate to severe sagging and creases, but it is an invasive surgery that may not be desirable for those with less advanced sagging. The innovative Xact facial rejuvenation procedure makes it possible to tighten the skin of the face and neck with only minor incisions and no visible scarring. The Godek Center for Personal Enhancement is proud to be the first provider to offer Xact facial rejuvenation in New Jersey. Achieve your best results with this advanced procedure performed by our highly experienced board-certified plastic surgeons.

Xact Facial Rejuvenation in New Jersey  Toms River

What is Xact facial rejuvenation?

During the procedure for Xact facial rejuvenation New Jersey plastic surgeons at our practice access drooping skin and underlying tissues using a tool introduced through small incisions hidden behind the ear. Jowls and excess skin on the midface are lifted from the inside, offering impressive rejuvenation without visible scars or a lengthy recovery time. With results typically lasting three to five years, the Xact facial rejuvenation procedure can give you long-term sculpting in a less invasive procedure than a traditional facelift.

Xact Facial Rejuvenation in New Jersey  Toms River

Xact Facial Rejuvenation at The Godek Center for Personal Enhancement

The Godek Center for Personal Enhancement is the first practice in New Jersey to offer the FDA-cleared Xact facial rejuvenation procedure. Xact facial rejuvenation utilizes a special suturing technique to “lift” the skin and create a smoother, more youthful appearance. This innovative, FDA-cleared treatment offers both women and men a minimally-invasive alternative to facelift surgery that can address early signs of age and inelastic skin in the face and neck. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Christopher Godek, MD, served as the lead clinical investigator for the Xact treatment during its evaluation period and is excited to bring this option to patients who would like to address mild to moderate aesthetic facial concerns but are not quite ready for a full facelift.

Wrinkle Reconnaissance

What are the benefits of Xact facial rejuvenation?

Xact offers a variety of benefits for individuals who are considering options that can effectively address common signs of age in the face and neck. With Xact Facial Rejuvenation New Jersey patients can expect several advantages, like:

  • No visible scarring
  • Results typically last three to five years
  • An effective procedure for patients who are no longer achieving the desired effects from cosmetic injectables
  • A less invasive alternative to facelift surgery for patients experiencing mild to moderate signs of loose skin and jowling in facial and neck areas

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Xact Facial Rejuvenation Consultation at The Godek Center

If you would like to determine whether you are a candidate for the Xact Facial Rejuvenation procedure, call us to schedule your individualized consultation today. Your surgeon will meet with you for an initial consultation to evaluate your needs and determine whether the Xact treatment is ideal for your goals. If this procedure is right for you, we will develop a customized treatment plan designed to meet your expectations with natural-looking results.

Xact Facial Rejuvenation in New Jersey  Toms River

On a Covert Mission to Lift

What does the Xact Facial Rejuvenation procedure involve?

At our practice in New Jersey Xact Facial Rejuvenation is done in an outpatient setting. The incisions are small – much smaller than traditional facelift incisions, and they are hidden in the hairline and behind the ear. The incisions are closed with dissolvable sutures. Depending on each patient’s unique needs, the Xact procedure generally takes less than 60 to 90 minutes to complete. The results from Xact facial and neck rejuvenation have been known to last three to five years and may last longer.

Rapid Response Rejuvenation

What can I expect during recovery from Xact facial rejuvenation?

The minimal recovery period that is typical with Xact Facial Rejuvenation treatment is one of the procedure’s most prominent benefits. Most patients are able to resume normal daily activities less than five days after the procedure, and over-the-counter medication is often all that’s necessary to effectively manage any discomfort during recovery. Your surgeon will provide detailed post-operative guidelines to help you achieve the smoothest recovery possible.

Maintaining your Xact Facial Rejuvenation results

Xact Facial Rejuvenation can provide noticeable relief from sagging for three to five years. The lift provided by the procedure may also help to slow the formation of new creases. You can encourage lasting results by caring for your skin, including wearing SPF sunscreen daily, avoiding cigarettes, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Xact Facial RejuvenationFrequently Asked Questions

Since the incisions required for the Xact Facial Rejuvenation procedure are so small and are concealed in areas such as the hairline and behind the ears, residual scarring from this treatment should be virtually unnoticeable to others. Would you like to learn more about Xact facial rejuvenation? Please contact us today with any questions you may have or to schedule a consultation.

You will not be able to feel anything during the procedure but can expect some soreness and discomfort for a few days afterward. This is generally bearable and can be easily managed with prescription or over-the-counter medications.

Surgery always carries certain rare but serious risks, including the risk of post-procedure infection. Because the Xact Facial Rejuvenation procedure is less invasive than a traditional facelift, the risk of complications tends to be lower and the recovery time shorter. Follow the aftercare instructions provided by your surgeon to ensure a healthy and successful recovery.

Xact Facial Rejuvenation is a cosmetic procedure, so it is not covered by health insurance.

A traditional facelift may provide more dramatic, lasting results but requires larger incisions and a longer recovery time. Xact Facial Rejuvenation is a less invasive procedure that can provide impressive lifting of tissues, especially when sagging is in the earlier stages.

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