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Breast Revision

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Breast Revision at The Godek Center for Personal Enhancement in New Jersey

Having to repeat a breast enhancement surgery can be a discouraging experience. However, pursuing the results you were seeking in the first place can help you put your past outcome behind you and step into the body you want. Even when a breast augmentation procedure leads to satisfactory results, old implants may eventually need to be replaced, or another lift may be required to keep your ideal volume and contours. At our practice in New Jersey Breast Revision Surgery specifically addresses concerns or complications from previous breast surgeries, ensuring improved results and patient satisfaction.

Our board-certified plastic surgeon in New Jersey at The Godek Center of Personal Enhancement have performed countless breast augmentations and complex reconstructive surgeries, including Breast Revision Surgery. Compassionate, experienced, and thoughtful, they are both highly qualified to help you achieve your best breasts no matter what surgeries you may have had in the past.

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What is breast revision?

Year after year, breast augmentation continues to have one of the highest patient-satisfaction rates among all cosmetic procedures. However, there are unfortunately some instances in which individuals are either not completely happy with their outcome, or their aesthetic goals have simply changed over time. For these reasons and many others, patients might seek to revise the results of a previous breast enhancement operation to achieve or restore an ideal outcome.

Breast Revision at The Godek Center for Personal Enhancement

Our board-certified New Jersey plastic surgeon believe that no one should have to live with unsatisfactory breast augmentation results, which is why they offer breast revision surgery at The Godek Center for Personal Enhancement. By customizing a revisional treatment plan to address your unique needs and concerns, our doctors can help you achieve the breast enhancement you originally (or currently) hoped to attain.

Breast Revision in New Jersey  Toms River

Refine Unsatisfactory Results

What are the benefits of Breast Revision?

Breast Revision surgery can provide several benefits for women who are unhappy with the look or feel of their current implants.

When considering undergoing a Breast Revision New Jersey patients can address the following concerns:

  • An unsatisfactory breast augmentation outcome
  • Complications that occurred as a result of the initial surgery
  • A desire to upgrade to a new size, shape, or style of breast implant
  • A rippling appearance
  • Shifted, leaking, or ruptured implants
  • Unsatisfactory implant placement

Along with these improvements, breast revision surgery can help many women attain the self-confidence and esteem they had hoped to gain from their original breast augmentation procedure.

Plan Your Revision

Contact Our Practice For Breast Revision

For more information about Breast Revision New Jersey patients should schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons, please feel free to contact us online or call (732) 281-1988. We can assess your breasts and help you design a plan for a successful revision surgery.

Edit Your Outcome

How is Breast Revision Surgery Performed?

At the time of your consultation, one of our skilled plastic surgeons will work with you to formulate an ideal surgical plan—including proper implant selection—based on your unique needs and goals. During the breast revision procedure, the current breast implants will typically be removed through the original incision in an effort to reduce the potential for additional scarring. The new implants will then be gently inserted and placed in the proper position for an optimal outcome. Depending on where the old implants were originally situated, breast revision surgery may involve the creation of a new pocket within the breasts. Once the implants are in place, small sutures are used to carefully close the incisions. On average, breast revision surgery takes approximately one to one and a half hours to complete. After the procedure, patients are usually able to return home under the care and supervision of a loved one.

Breast Revision in New Jersey  Toms River

Polished and Poised

What is Breast Augmentation Revision Recovery Like?

Immediately following breast revision surgery, most individuals will experience some temporary swelling, bruising, or tenderness in the breasts, but these symptoms should subside over time. Any potential discomfort that may occur can generally be easily managed with medication. The majority of patients feel well enough to resume office jobs and normal daily routines after about one week, though strenuous exercise and physical activities will need to be avoided for a minimum of a few weeks.

At The Godek Center for Personal Enhancement in New Jersey breast revision patients have access to our unique breast surgery concierge services. This program is designed to enhance your recovery process and can include scar treatment, massage therapy, or a variety of advanced skin care treatments based on your specific needs and cosmetic goals.

Maintaining your Breast Revision Results

We are here to support you during recovery and throughout the lifespan of your implants. We want you to be satisfied with your procedure and ask you to contact us right away with any questions or concerns. The pre- and post-surgical instructions provided by your surgeon are there to help you have a safe procedure and optimal recovery.

Breast Revision in New Jersey  Toms River

“I had my first consultation today for breast augmentation replacement they got me in on a timely manner and moved my surgery up. Dr. Godek is very nice and professional and his staff as well especially Gail & Dorre. Thank you for a pleasant experience. I will definitely recommend your practice.” — Deborah Spalletta January 21, 2017

Breast Revision Frequently Asked Questions

Discomfort during recovery from breast revision surgery can be managed with pain medication and by avoiding excess physical activity for a while. Follow your aftercare instructions to help you stay comfortable while you heal.

The cost of breast revision surgery depends on a number of factors and will be discussed during your consultation. Ask about options for financing your procedure through PatientFi®.

Because breast revision is considered cosmetic surgery, it is not typically covered by health insurance.

Breast revision surgery can include the placement of new implants as well as a breast lift. The details of each procedure vary according to the client’s surgical goals.

Yes, you will need to arrange for a loved one to drive you home and help you stay comfortable during early recovery.

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