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Our Comprehensive Approach to Plastic Surgery: Part III

In this third and final installment of “Our Comprehensive Approach to Plastic Surgery” blog series, I will overview the unique offerings of our medical spa and concierge services. To get caught up, make sure to check out part one and part two.

Our Medical Spa and Concierge Program

Whether you’re receiving facial cosmetic or body cosmetic surgery, our concierge program is included in the fee of your procedure because it is our goal to make you look and feel the best you can through a combination of surgery, skin care, and a variety of nonsurgical treatments. To give you an idea of how we will incorporate our medical spa and concierge services into your procedure, let’s use facial surgery as an example.

Say, for instance, you’re interested in a facelift and have scheduled a date for surgery at our practice. About two to three weeks prior to your procedure, my medical spa staff will meet with you and get you started on a skin care program to help prepare your skin for surgery. This program can include any number of skin care products and treatments based on your specific needs, but a typical regimen will consist of cleansers, moisturizers, sunblock, and some mild chemical peels to rid your skin of any dead cells. You will also be instructed on specific at-home products to use and avoid so as to not interfere with the healing process following surgery. At the end of your visit, my aesthetician will match your skin for the right cover-up and makeup for you to wear after your procedure, and all of these products will be given to you in a little goodie bag to take home.

Your next appointment at our medical spa will be about one week after your surgery, typically coinciding with the removal of any sutures, should you need them. During this initial post-surgical visit, you will have makeup applied by my aesthetician to hide any scars or bruising. Then, beginning about a month after your surgery, you will be seen weekly in the spa for skin and scar care treatments. These visits often include microdermabrasion to help diminish the appearance of scarring, massage treatments to help decrease swelling, and a number of other skin care techniques to help facilitate recovery. We will continue these visits until we have helped you achieve the most effective results possible.


As I stated in the opening paragraph of this blog series, the Personal Enhancement Center is a full-service practice that takes a comprehensive approach to plastic surgery. We believe cosmetic surgery extends well beyond the surgical aspect of procedures, and it is our goal is to use this comprehensive approach to help you fully achieve beautiful, natural-looking results. If you are interested in cosmetic plastic surgery, please do not hesitate to contact the Personal Enhancement Center today.

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