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Which Parts of the Nose Can Be Addressed with Rhinoplasty?

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You may already know that rhinoplasty – which is sometimes referred to as nasal surgery – can often be an excellent option for improving the size, shape, and/or overall appearance of the nose. But which parts of the nose can actually be addressed with this procedure? Listed below are specific areas that can be targeted with rhinoplasty, as well as various enhancements that can be made to each based on your unique needs and goals.

Nasal bridge – The nasal bridge can be straightened, thinned/widened, or reduced/increased in size for improved facial proportions.

Tip of the nose – The projection of the nasal tip can be increased or decreased, and its shape can be made thinner or fuller for a more defined look. Additionally, if the tip is pointing upward or downward, it can often be lowered or elevated, respectively.

Nostrils – The nostrils can be reshaped to help improve their proportion to the rest of the nose, as well as to enhance nasal breathing, if necessary.

Septum – A deviated septum can be straightened to help improve nasal breathing.

Ultimately, rhinoplasty can be custom-tailored to comprehensively address the specific aesthetic and/or functional concerns you may have about your nose. To help ensure this is done with the utmost safety and efficacy, I highly recommend seeking the expertise of a board certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience and proven results with several different rhinoplasty cases.

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