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What Is Recovery from Breast Augmentation Like?


As with all cosmetic surgical procedures, the recovery process for breast augmentation will vary based on the unique healing process of each individual, as well as how the procedure was performed. That said, the following information can serve as a basic outline of what can generally be expected.

Immediately after surgery, most individuals will notice some degree of swelling that may cause the breasts to appear larger than originally anticipated and/or desired. As with any bruising that might also be present initially, this swelling is temporary should gradually resolve over the course of several days. While intense pain is rare, it is not uncommon to experience a bit of soreness and/or sensitivity in the breasts right away. Fortunately, both of these symptoms can usually be easily managed with medication (if necessary), and they should also subside with time.

During the first few days of recovery, a special postsurgical bra will need to be worn to provide the breasts with ample support as they heal. In addition, scar/skin care products and at-home massage techniques can be provided to further facilitate healing. The majority of women feel well enough to resume normal, non-strenuous daily activities—such as office jobs, errands, light aerobic exercise, etc.—after approximately one week. That said, it is advised that heavy lifting, vigorous workouts, and any other physically taxing activities be avoided for a minimum of four weeks to limit any risk of compromising the results of the procedure.

Overall, when postoperative instructions are closely followed, most patients find the breast augmentation recovery process to be quite easy and uneventful. For more information, or if you would like to schedule a consultation for breast augmentation, please don’t hesitate to contact the Personal Enhancement Center at 732-908-2599 today.

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