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Why Breast Implant Feel Is as Important as Appearance

Balancing Feel and Appearance  Toms River

The appearance of the breasts is typically the star of the show following breast augmentation. And why not? After all, the procedure is intended to not only enlarge the breasts, but also to enhance their overall shape and symmetry.

Although their appearance certainly warrants considerable attention, it’s important not to disregard the feel of breast implants, as this can also have a significant impact on the overall results of a breast augmentation. For instance, despite how natural her breasts look, when a patient’s implants feel too firm or even hard, the fact that she has received an augmentation can be quite obvious to the touch. For many women, this often presents an issue when performing an action as simple as hugging.

Fortunately, numerous implant options available today—such as anatomically shaped cohesive gel implants—are designed to closely resemble both the look and feel of natural breast tissue. In addition, certain techniques can often be employed during augmentation surgery to help further create natural-looking and -feeling results, one of which involves placing the implants below the pectoral muscle to provide an ample amount of soft tissue coverage overtop.

Ultimately, the point I want to stress is that the look and feel of implants are equally important in achieving exceptional breast augmentation outcomes. As a result, a considerable amount of attention should be directed to both when choosing the right implants for you specific needs and goals.

Dr. Christopher P. Godek, New Jersey Plastic Surgeon

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