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Am I Being Vain?

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As a Patient Care Coordinator for the Personal Enhancement Center, I get to know our patients on an especially personal level. Most are women, fulfilling multiple life roles and responsibilities, always putting others first. At what point does the busy mom, wife, daughter, or friend call our office? When life begins to slow down, when the children are older or are away at college, and they are finally able to think about that stubborn tummy pouch that has haunted them from the birth of their children, or how deflated their breasts are from weight loss and/or breast feeding. That same woman has also looked at her face in the mirror, and gasped “I never thought it would happen to me!” She’s noticing the signs of aging: the jowling, the wrinkling, the toll of gravity she was too busy to notice while she was packing lunches, driving to soccer games and working. She has decided it is time to do something for her, which can be much easier said than done. All too often, when in consultation with these wonderful women, a common theme is, “am I being vain?” “How do I justify spending money and time on myself when I could save it or apply it to my child’s education, wedding, or home?” Although I am an employee of Dr. Godek, I was a patient first and can speak from personal experience.

I was overweight, unhappy with my appearance and uncomfortable in my own skin. When I decided to take control of my health, the weight came off and I felt confident enough to begin exercising. I reached my goal weight and felt better than I ever had in my entire life, except for one thing: I was left with skin laxity on my thighs that no amount of diet or exercise was going to treat. For twenty years, I dreaded getting ready for work or school knowing that I would spend countless hours looking for pants that would camouflage my skin laxity. I did not feel comfortable enough to wear shorts in the summer or go to the beach. I enjoyed jogging, but was too uncomfortable and self-conscious to engage in the activity due to my thighs. And shopping? Forget about it. The thought of spending hours at the mall to hopefully find one pair of pants was like being chained to a chair in 100-degree heat with no water. It was absolute torture. My thighs held me back from so much and all too often I thought about cosmetic surgery. When the thought would cross my mind I would talk myself out of it because I thought I was being vain or was afraid of what would others think of my decision. How could I justify spending that amount of money? And on myself?!I had countless conversations with my sisters and friends and thought about all of the benefits a thigh lift could award me. I could go to the beach without a cover up, I could go for a jog, and maybe, just maybe, I could jog in a pair of shorts; I could go to the store and find a pair of pants with ease, and the best part, I would be comfortable in my own skin. I finally made my decision to have my thigh lift in March of 2013, the best decision I have ever made in my life. I did schedule consultations with multiple doctors and the level of comfort and safety I felt with Dr. Godek and staff was like no other. Dr. Godek understood my needs and truly wanted me to reach my goals. My results surpassed the fantastic before and after images I reviewed at my consultation.

I go to the beach, I ride my bike, I go to the store and find pants in ten minutes, I know getting ready will be easy in the morning. I am confident; I am in love with life. I ran my first half marathon. I trained in running shorts. I will never stop running. I will never stop wearing shorts.

So, are you being vain? I believe the answer lies within. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, to gain your confidence back, to be comfortable in your skin, to live life again, don’t procrastinate! Dr. Godek and his team will guide you through each and every step to make your experience just as wonderful as your outcome.

– Beth Roussos

To contact Beth about her journey, or to learn more about what the Personal Enhancement Center has to offer you, email her at broussos@drgodek.com, or call the office at 732-281-1988.

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