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HydraSolve™ Vs. Traditional, Ultrasonic, & Body-Jet Liposuction


In our last blog post – Benefits of Fat Reduction with Hydrasolve™ – we touched on some unique advantages of the HydraSolve™ Lipoplasty System, a fat removal technique co-designed and patented by our board-certified plastic surgeon, Christopher P. Godek, MD. To further distinguish HydraSolve™ from other fat removal alternatives, we thought we’d point out some key elements that differentiate this innovative technique from three popular liposuction options.

Traditional Liposuction

Whereas traditional liposuction uses a sharp-edged metal wand (cannula) to go under the skin and break away fat cells, HydraSolve™ employs a round-sided cannula that pulsates heated water to gently liquefy fat cells. Although it can be effective, the former has the potential to damage surrounding tissues and lead to a longer recovery in terms of bruising and swelling. HydraSolve™, on the other hand, causes little to no trauma to surrounding tissues and often reduces recovery and downtime.

Ultrasonic Liposuction

Instead of using what’s called mechanical energy – which, in this case, would be the effort of moving the cannula back and forth over the treatment area – ultrasonic liposuction uses ultrasound energy. While ultrasound fat reduction techniques can also be very effective, there is potential for random heat emitted by the device to injure surrounding tissues, nerves, and blood vessels. With HydraSolve™, the temperature and pressure of the water can be adjusted and controlled to selectively target fat cells and prevent any peripheral tissue damage.

Body-Jet Liposuction

Body-jet liposuction is similar to HydraSolve™ in that it uses water technology; however, it shoots water out from the tip of the cannula rather than the side, essentially pushing the fat away. Furthermore, the water is neither pulsed from the device nor heated, so the targeted fat remains in solid form and still requires a sharp cannula for removal.
In the end, it’s important to note all four liposuction variations can produce excellent results for the ideal candidates, but Dr. Godek believes the HydraSolve™ device is the most selective and most gentle way of performing liposuction.

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