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Our Comprehensive Approach to Plastic Surgery: Part I

I named my practice the Personal Enhancement Center because our vision for patients extends beyond plastic surgery. As a full-service practice, which includes a medical spa and concierge services, we take a comprehensive approach to plastic surgery. It is this comprehensive approach that I believe distinguishes us from other practices.

When you call my office – whether you found me on the Internet, by referral, or through any other means – you’ll first speak with one of my patient coordinators who will spend about 20-30 minutes with you on the phone. During this time, the patient coordinator will run through your medical history, talk about your concerns, and try to give you the best idea about what you can expect for your initial visit. One of our main focuses is to get you as much information as we can prior to your consultation so that you’ll be incredibly well-prepared for your visit.

Once you’ve scheduled a consultation, the patient coordinator with whom you spoke will relay as much information to me as possible so that I know your story, how you found us, how old you are, what your primary concerns are, what you’re actually interested in, and so on and so forth. As your plastic surgeon, I like to get all the details up front so I can really hone in on what your needs are before you even step foot into my office, which ultimately helps me to make your consultation more effective and efficient.

Stay Tuned for the Consultation Process

Be sure to look for Part II of this blog series where I will follow up with what to expect during your consultation process at the Personal Enhancement Center.

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