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What is CoolSculpting?

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With countless diet fads, ever-changing fitness trends and other weight loss gimmicks, it’s difficult to know who to trust and what to believe. This holds true in the world of body contouring as well – it seems like everyday we hear of a new technique or technology that claims to be “the best” today, only to be replaced with the next “latest and greatest” tomorrow. For decades, liposuction has been the trusted solution to remove unwanted fat but there hasn’t been a proven alternative treatment for the segment of the population unable or unwilling to go under the knife – until now. CoolSculpting is a fat-freezing technology that allows patients to remove unwanted fat and reduce inches in their waistline, lovehandles, thighs and more –WITHOUT surgery! This remarkable, non-invasive, in-office treatment is performed in as little as one hour and is perfect for people on the go: from busy moms to traveling executives, we see many people who struggle with their belly “pooch”, “muffin top” or other areas on their body that are resistant to diet and exercise. Their busy lifestyle doesn’t always allow for surgery, so CoolSculpting is the ideal treatment. We were proud to be among the first plastic surgery practices in Toms River to offer CoolSculpting to our patients and even though we’ve performed these procedures for years, we still hear from many patients who have never heard about this technology. In this blog, we are going to address frequently asked questions about CoolSculpting’s fat-freezing technology. To answer these questions, we had a Q & A session with two of our staff members, Catherine Facciolli, our Patient Care Coordinator featured in the latest publication of Ocean County Women, and Donna, our Front Desk Coordinator. These fabulous women are of different height, weight, age, and body type and had different areas of concern, but both have seen the benefits of CoolSculpting and offered to share their personal experiences.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?
One of the misconceptions about CoolSculpting is that it is a weight loss tool. The treatment works best for those who are of a healthy weight, but have areas on their body resistant to diet and exercise. How did this technology come about? Studies on children who ate a lot of popsicles and developed dimples! The research showed the death of fat cells exposed to a particular temperature for a period of time resulted in a gradual reduction of the fat cells in the cheeks. The death of fat….finally!!

At the Personal Enhancement Center, the death of those unwanted fat cells takes place in our medical spa, Belladerma, after your complimentary consultation with our very popular, extensively trained skin care aesthetician Annette. At your consultation, Annette will determine if you are a candidate and if so, she will devise a treatment plan specifically geared to address your personal needs. What can you expect during your treatment? Different size and shape hand pieces that suck your fat like a vacuum, freeze it and kill off those pouches, muffin tops, saddle bags, and bra line fat in as little as one hour.

With the topic of CoolSculpting we have found that many of the questions we address are very similar. Our questions to Catherine and Donna addressed some of those FAQ’s. Catherine opted to treat her inner and outer thighs and Donna chose to treat her abdomen and bra line (yes ladies, we can treat the bra bulge)!

Q: What does the treatment feel like?
Catherine: I was a bit hesitant to have the treatment, expecting that it might be uncomfortable and possibly painful. I was pleasantly surprised when the treatment, although very cold, was neither uncomfortable nor painful. The only discomfort I experienced was the five minutes after the treatment. It’s that sensation you feel when your hands are very cold from being outside and you run them under hot water.
Donna: After the birth of my son and as I got older, I noticed my abdomen was becoming more resistant to diet and exercise. I would eat healthy and faithfully go to the gym and nothing worked. When I was offered to have the treatment I jumped on the opportunity. The only discomfort I experienced was within the first two minutes of treatment; it was very cold. After that, I was very comfortable, and in fact, fell asleep.

Q: Did you notice any side effects?
C: For the first week after the treatment I experienced some inner thigh numbness and some soreness in the outer thighs, which I was told is completely normal.
D: My abdomen felt crampy and tender to the touch for approximately two weeks.

Q: What were you surprised about?
C: I enjoyed the ability to relax in the middle of the work day! Annette makes sure you are as comfortable as possible. I was able to watch TV, sleep, and read a book while I was being sculpted.
D: I was so comfortable I fell asleep for a bit. I was also able to get some things done that I have not been able to get to being that I work full time here and at home. It gave me the ability to sit quietly, pay some bills, make some phone calls and catch up with some friends.

Q: Were you able to return to normal activities?
C: I enjoy working out and I was concerned that my treatment would keep be out of the gym for a bit but I was able to resume all normal activities immediately.
D: I was able to resume all activities. This has motivated me to get back into the gym!

Q: What would you tell people thinking about having the treatment?
C: I would tell people the treatment works but you must be patient. Your results are gradual over approximately 2-3 months. Your best results will come with the treatment, a sensible diet and exercise. It’s an investment; protect it. I know I will be ready for bikini season!

D: As I mentioned before, I noticed a difference in about three weeks and am slowly noticing that my pants are looser around the waistline. My bra bulge is much smaller. I believe I can benefit from an additional treatment and this is something that Annette did mention. Some people will require additional treatments to obtain their best result. Everyone’s body and response to treatment will be different.

Q: How long were your sessions?
C: One hour each for the inner thighs and two hours each for the outer thighs. The outer thigh treatment is a bit longer due to the type of hand piece used. I chose to split up my treatments by doing my inner thighs one week and outer thighs the next.
D: I chose to do all of my treatments at once: upper abdomen, lower abdomen and bra line. My treatment took approximately four hours.

Q: How was your overall experience?
C: I am someone who is a bit nervous to do anything to my body that is outside of the norm but it was great! Better than I expected and I highly recommend the treatment. I cannot say enough about Annette and how she went above and beyond to make my experience a positive one.
D: I would tell people to do it! It REALLY does work!!

In a nutshell, you can expect a thorough consultation with a treatment plan designed just for you. The actual treatment will be a breeze, allowing you to unwind by taking a nap or watch TV while your body is being sculpted. After your treatment, expect minimal discomfort and the ability to resume all activities as normal. Ladies and gents (yes, it works for men too!) if you are thinking of having a CoolSculpting treatment contact us for your complimentary consultation.

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