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Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Double Chin Reduction


Are you interested in reducing the appearance of a “double chin” but don’t know whether a surgical or non-surgical treatment option would be right for you? At my practice, I offer surgical neck liposuction and non-surgical CoolMini to eliminate submental fat and help contour the neck for a slimmer, more toned aesthetic. Below, I’ve highlighted key distinctions between the two procedures that can help you determine which approach might be more appropriate for your unique needs and goals.

Neck liposuction can often be a great option for individuals who have a significant buildup of diet- and exercise-resistant fat beneath the chin and/or along the jawline. Using an innovative lipoplasty technique known as HydraSolve, targeted fat tissues are disrupted and liquified via a warm, energized saline solution, enabling them to be gently removed through a tiny incision without harming surrounding tissues. Since no excision of fat is necessary with this method, the recovery process is generally much shorter than that of traditional liposuction; however, as a surgical procedure, some degree of downtime and restriction from strenuous physical activities can typically be expected. While some swelling may be present initially, results from neck liposuction are generally apparent right away and should continue to improve as swelling subsides.

In contrast, CoolMini can usually be an excellent option for patients who have a minor to moderate accumulation of stubborn fat below the chin and/or along the jawline. During this procedure, the CoolMini applicator is used to freeze targeted fat cells in the submental region, causing them to die and eventually exit the body through natural metabolic processes. No surrounding tissues are harmed during treatment, and since needles and/or incisions are not necessary to eliminate fat, there is little to no recovery or downtime for most individuals. Results from CoolMini tend to improve gradually over the course of about two to four months as destroyed fat cells exit the body.

Ultimately, both neck liposuction and CoolMini can reduce the appearance of a double chin with beautiful, natural-looking for the right patients. As a result, I highly recommend consulting a board certified plastic surgeon who offers both surgical and non-surgical techniques to ensure you receive the safest, most effective treatment for your unique needs and desires.

Christopher P. Godek, MD, FACS

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