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Recap of Dr. Godek’s Fat Transfer Presentation at IFATS


Dr. Christopher P. Godek recently had the honor of presenting at the 2016 International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics and Science (IFATS) meeting in San Diego, CA. Taking place November 17–20, the IFATS conference centered around the latest innovations and scientific advancements in fat grafting, featuring insight into best practices for harvesting fat from one area of the body and successfully transferring to another region for volume enhancement and long-lasting results.

Invited to be one of the expert speakers at IFATS San Diego 2016, Dr. Godek presented a paper titled, “Autologous Fat Transfer Utilizing Tissue Liquefaction Technology: Safety, Efficacy and Long-Term Results.” The infiltration and analysis of data for the paper was compiled by Dr. Godek’s son, Maxwell Godek, a freshman at Johns Hopkins University, and Zachary Borab, a medical student at Drexel University School of Medicine, and the presentation focused on the high success rate of fat survival when tissues are extracted using the revolutionary HydraSolve Lipoplasty System—a state-of-the-art tissue liquefaction technology (TLT) co-created by Dr. Godek himself.

Designed to improve both the comfort and efficacy of fat removal, the HydraSolve Lipoplasty System uses a warm, energized saline solution to break up and dissolve fat cells into liquid form, allowing for a gentler removal of fat that does not harm surrounding tissues. In addition to its facilitation of the fat extraction process, Dr. Godek notes, “We found the TLT method of fat harvest to be safe and effective. Long-term survival of the graft was excellent, with patients retaining 70% or more of the transferred fat and favorable improvements apparent in both the donor and recipient sites. The technology allows us to perform autologous fat transfer atraumatically to maintain adipocyte viability and optimize long-term fat survival.”

Dr. Godek has found this long-term survival of fat to occur in numerous regions of the body, including the face and breasts. In fact, he uses fat extracted via the HydraSolve Lipoplasty System to fill lines and wrinkles, restore lost volume in various facial areas/features, improve the size and shape of the breasts, and even completely rebuild the breasts as part of breast reconstruction surgery—all with exceptional, natural-looking results.

Overall, Dr. Godek was pleased to share his findings with fellow leaders in the medical field, and he hopes those in attendance will begin to implement tissue liquefaction technologies like the HydraSolve Lipoplasty System into their own practices to enhance the quality and success of tissue grafting for patients all around the globe.

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