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Introducing Xact™ Facial Rejuvenation – A Less Invasive Alternative to Facelift Surgery

Dr. Godek First in New Jersey With Xact™ Facial Rejuvenation Toms River

Dr. Christopher Godek has been at the forefront in the evaluation process of a remarkable new treatment for facial and neck rejuvenation—and we are very excited to announce that it is now available at The Personal Enhancement Center! The Xact™ facial rejuvenation procedure can be an ideal treatment for both women and men who are experiencing mild to moderate signs of jowls and inelastic skin in the mid- to lower face and neck areas. Dr. Godek served as the lead clinical investigator for Xact™, and we are the first practice in New Jersey to make this advanced technique available to patients.

Xact™ has been cleared by the FDA and can be a suitable option for individuals who are looking for a less invasive alternative to facelift surgery. The treatment involves the use of a special suturing device to “lift” the skin of the face and/or neck and reposition the tissues, ultimately producing smoother skin and a more youthful appearance. The small incisions necessary for Xact™ are placed in discreet areas such as the hairline or behind the ears, and usually only takes about 60-90 minutes. Additionally, Xact™ is known for its minimal recovery time, with many patients getting back to their normal routines in less than five days.

Individuals who are beginning to show signs of sagging skin in the face and neck but do not yet feel ready for a full facelift may be ideal candidates for the Xact™ procedure. This treatment is not only less invasive when compared to a facelift, but is also known for its long-lasting results. We encourage you to contact our practice for more information on the Xact™ treatment, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Godek. He will be happy to evaluate your needs and talk more with you about whether Xact™ offers the best way to rejuvenate your appearance with excellent results!

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