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How Long Do Facelift Results Last?

How Long do Facelift Results Last

The longevity of facelift results will depend on many different factors, including the quality of your skin tissues, the specific technique utilized by your surgeon, and your unique lifestyle habits after surgery. In general, younger, healthier skin that has not lost a significant amount of elasticity tends to be more resilient, which typically leads to longer-lasting outcomes. Regarding the technique employed, facelift procedures designed only to tighten the skin generally don’t produce results that endure as long as those achieved by lifting and tightening both the skin and underlying muscles of the face. Finally, ensuring you maintain an overall healthy lifestyle following your procedure can help increase the longevity of your results. This includes eating a nutritious diet, wearing proper sun protection, using hydrating and corrective skin care products, and more.

When all of these factors are taken into consideration, facelift results generally last an average of about 7-10 years, though this will vary by individual. For many people, injectables and other non-surgical skin care treatments can often be administered to help enhance and prolong your long-term outcomes. Ultimately, an experienced board certified plastic surgeon will be able to provide a more personalized estimate of how long your facelift results may last – as well as discuss options that may help extend the procedure’s benefits – following a thorough examination of your unique needs and cosmetic goals.

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